Sinara Foss was born in Taquaral, a small location in the countryside of Santo Antonio da Patrulha. Her childhood was not easy with arguments, quarrels and her parents’ divorce; it was relieved though, by the joyful interaction with her older sister and cousins.  They participated in soccer teams and other ball games; they slid down hills with coconut tree canoes, climbed trees and spent hours in the three houses; they ate fruit and vegetables without washing them, had river bathing, and created ghost stories in her grandparents Valdomiro and Anna’s haunted house.

She Graduated in Languages - English and German at PUCRS in 1994.

In 1996 she self-edited her first book Memories of an Old Dog (Memórias de Um Cachorro Velho), which is the story of an old rescued dog that was very ill and hurt.  After this book, she wrote the five- book Collection “In Search of a better World”. Sissi, the hairy yellow dog, very much worried about environment and animal welfare, is the narrator and protagonist of the books.

In 2013 she helped founding an NGO called Animal Shelter,

Sinara  Foss takes care and loves her cats and dogs all rescued from the streets. Nowadays these pets, that she calls children and grandchildren, are all characters of her stories.

In 2009, her master’s degree thesis on English Language Literatures at Federal University in Rio Grande do Sul was “J M Coetzee’s Foe: a Reading on History and Fiction”. She has become vegetarian since she read Coetzee’s The Lives of Animals.  As it could not be different, she fell in love with the cause and searched for more readings regarding Animal Rights such as the philosophers Paul Singer, Tom Regan and Gary Francione.

In 2001 she opened a school of English language called - English Place, where she works ever since. The school offers interchange programs to English speaking countries and Sinara takes advantage to attend literature courses abroad.   In Vancouver, for instance, she attended free courses on Canadian Literature and Creative Writing at British Columbia University in January, 2009.   In London 2018, she attended advanced   English courses at Malvern House and went deep into Bronte’s family history.

Sinara Foss has two daughters, Isadora ( a lawyer)  and  Teodora (  who wants to be a doctor)

Since 2012, Sinara has been attending Creative Writing classes in Porto Alegre conducted by renowned authors in Brazilian Literature:  Assis Brasil (2013) Charles Kiefer (2014, 2015, 2016 e 2017). Sinara Foss has just finished the Writers Training Course at Metamorfose Cursos, organized by Marcelo Spalding.

She has been writing again, more conscious now.  She is not ready, she knows. 

Her learning process goes on, it will go on.

 Until...the end.